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931 ... tree 14-12

930 ... spitpaints 68 to 73

30 min exercices
themes from 'daily spit paint' facebook group:

spitpaint 68 - Lock picking


spitpaint 69 - Gargoyle coming to life

spitpaint 70 - Evil eye

spitpaint 71 - Bird rider

spitpaint 72 - rat pipper

spitpaint 73 - Caught in vines

929 ... sketcher 14-03 - seascape

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926 ... comp 14-02 - the panda guide

Concept art.org Character challenge:

China is the home of the lovable panda's that we all know of. Unfortunately, their species is in danger of extinction. Luckily, the gods have blessed forests with a panda guide who leads them into safe areas, within their habitat. Rumors are that the panda guide is a panda spirit. Others say that it is a human dressed in bamboo to attract the pandas to get them to follow him. The one commonly said rumor, is that the guide wields a decorative staff which depicts the head of a panda. But there is no photographic proof that the panda guide exists!

This week you must design the Panda Guide.

The Guidelines:
    Can be male or female
    Must be humanoid.
    This is not limited to the black and white pandas, you may reference the red ones too.
    Must include the staff which the guide uses and must include what is described, but you are not limited to that. Be
    creative with it.
    Genre is realistic/fantasy


Final submission:


Comcepts and studies:

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924 ... Visualizations - Lima - 3 avenues

Visualizations done for a project in Lima to restore three historic avenues:

-Alameda Los descalzos:

-Paseo de Aguas

-Alameda de Los Bobos:

923 ... characters 14-15 - shapeshifter shaman

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check work at my portfolio site behance

check work at my portfolio site behance

from Tumblr http://mariofernandes-design.tumblr.com/post/91530294972


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This blog's intention is to track my personal evolution as a creative being. - I'm interested in designing the real and imaginary and am questing to hone my skills to do this as best as I can.

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