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955 ... spitpaints 82 to 90

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954 ... COMP 14-11_COW_sun guardian

Throughout history the sun has played an important role to both our planet's existence and to ancient folklore and mythology. Some ancient cultures believe the sun is a watchful eye of a god in the sky, while others may view the sun as a symbol of life and reincarnation. Many ancient cultures have built monuments that are used as a place of worship or celebration to the sun in some way, including Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Gisa. This week I would like your creativity to center around the sun, and design a creature that plays an important role based upon the sun!

Round Requirements:

-This creature is somehow connected with the sun
-it's role must suit the word 'Guardian' in some way
-optional: You may depict an ancient monument built in honour of this creature. This is not required to make the poll




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953 ... COMP 14-08_CHOW_fairy racer

In the world of the fairies, the Grand Herald Fairy Tournament is heald each year, to test the skills of its participants. The most popular and rewarding of all the events are the races! Speed, among the fairies, represents high status. To win, a participant must carry a small, red baton which grants passage through each checkpoint, and reach the finish line in the fastest time. If a fairy is the FASTEST in the tournament, they not only get the respect, but they earn a special token which can be used for anything the fairy desires, but with limitations. If they wanted to become king or queen of the fairies, they could, but only for one year or if they wanted to become a human, they could, but only for one year. Evil does not exist among them, but desires do. So there are many who train in order to gain their one desire.

Design a Fairy Racer! You can show them as the winner of the race, in the middle of a race, before a race begins or how they train, etc... Think about speed! Also note, they fly with wings, so NO vehicles.

The Guidelines:
    Must be a fairy
    Can be male or female
    Must be carrying a RED baton
    Must be wearing their racing gear

Final image:


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950 ... COMP 14-09_COW_Razor-backed Land Shark

This week we are going to be focusing on a creature that is identifyiable as a 'land-shark.' Although it need not necessarily be an actual shark per se, but it must have the basic characteristics associated with sharks, or shark-like species; such as fins, streamlined body, powerful jaws, rows of sharp teeth, etc. In addition this creature has razor sharp ridges or fins on its back that it uses for some purpose whether its for defense or hunting or fighting rivals of its species or if it helps it to navigate through dirt and sand. Try to be creative this round as I don't want to see a simple shark with legs walking on land. Cuz that's just boring.

Round Requirements:
-Must resemble a shark in some way
-it is fully terrestrial
-has razor sharp ridges/fins on it's back

Concept: desert carpet shark (razor-back land shark)

The desert carpet shark got his name from his shape and feeding habits.

In his natural habitat, the Kowakar desert, it goes under a thin layer of sand blending with the surroundings. The razor sharp protrusions on it's back help to camouflage with the sharp rocks on the environment.

When prey comes into strike distance of its mouth it uses a quick strike projecting the mouth and sucking the air with great force. The absorbed sand is expelled at the same time trough his side breading slots wile the unlucky prey makes its way to the stomach.

For locomotion it uses a wave motion type fin much like the earth's squid but working like a worm in land.

Final image:

References and concept sketches:

Progress wips:

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[Achievement] Unusual unicorn for the win!

The Results from the unusual unicorn competition are out and I was selected by the amazing Bobby Chiu among 3 other artist to receive a copy of autodesk's sketchbook 7. Uhuuu!

Bobby's comment:
"A very creative way of designing a unicorn. Definitely an unusual one but quite brilliant!"

link to previous post with wips for this project:

here is a link to the winners and bobby chiu's comments on them:

and here is a link to all the submissions:

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947 ... character 14-18- dark elf - old drizzt do'urden

Started with brush practice ended up with a rendition of an elder Drizzt Do'Urden a character from R.A. Salvatore's awesome Novels:

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946 ... Zargos characters 01

I played an old board game I had a few days ago and got inspired to redesign the characters:

945 ... Character Design Rush 01 - fire god

30 min exercices
themes from 'Character Design Rush' facebook group:

944 ... spitpaints 74 to 81

30 min exercices
themes from 'daily spit paint' facebook group:

spitpaint 74 - Snowy mountain

spitpaint 75 - Hot air balloon

spitpaint 76 - Massive pauldron

spitpaint 77 - orc templar

spitpaint 78 - flooded city

spitpaint 79 -  4 wings non-flying creature

spitpaint 80 - spider rider

spitpaint 81 - World creator

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942 ... COMP 14-06_CHOW-k9 king


A parade is held every year at the kingdom of Woof. All the people of the kingdom show up to cheer on the participants. The most anticipated participant in the parade is the king him self. He always shows up in such shiny armor, it is a grand sight to see.

This week you need to design the K9 King in Shiny Armor!

The Guidelines:

    Must be HUMANOID/k9
    Must be wearing shining armor
    Must include the kingdom insignia (of your own design), on a flag/banner which the king carries.
    You MAY do a queen instead if you wish
    Background's Permitted, but don't forget what the focus is!

Detail crop:


941 ... COMP 14-05_COW-life giver

If you look back on cow you will notice a whole lot of creatures that are more than capable of taking the life of something, there isn't a lot of creatures that are able to give life. So for this round we will do just that. Design a creature that is capable of giving life to someone or something that is dead. How it does so is up to you. This creature will be small, infact very small, think about the size of a fingernail, or even smaller if you so wish. In addition it's skin is textured in such a way that it seems to sparkle. Or perhaps it gives of a sparkly dust of some kind. Give life to a small lifegiver!

Round Requirements:
-Creature is very small, we're talking no larger than your fingernail
-must sparkle in some way
-this creature has the capablilty to give life to something or someone that has died, try to depict this ability in some way


940 ... COMP 14-04_SBp_unusual Unicorn

Unicorns have always been known to be beautiful majestic fantastical creatures. But what about the ones that nobody ever talks about? The really unusual less mainstream ones? Let's show a little love for all of those lesser-known unicorns out there, the unusual ones. For this challenge I want you to come up with the most interesting unusual unicorns you can think of. 
    - Bobby Chiu


This blog's intention is to track my personal evolution as a creative being. - I'm interested in designing the real and imaginary and am questing to hone my skills to do this as best as I can.

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