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1005 ... lighbringer 14-07 andros guile 01

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1000 ... lighbringer 14-02 captain gunner 01

Captain Gunner, the crazy pirate from the lightbringer series:

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997 ... night angel - the way of shadows - alternative cover

As I've mentioned before I'm really enjoying Brent Weeks' novels here I went and made my own design for the cover of the first book of the Night Angel trilogy.

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996 ... night angel 14-04 - kylar stern

I'm becomming more and more a fan of Brent Weeks' novels. His writing style and imagination is wounderful.

This is an interpretation of the main character from the Night Angel Trilogy - Kyler Stern - He starts out as a young orphan surviving on the streets of Cenaria and is later adopted and trained by the best of the 'wet boys' a group with special abilities and powers of the shadow. As the story progresses he becomes more and more skilled and after binding a mystical artifact 'the black  ka'kari'  he develops incredible abilities and powers becoming the avatar of retribution: the Night Angel .

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992 ... character 14-27 - pirates

991 ... night angel 14-03 - vi sovari

My interpretation of Viridiana Sovari from Brent week's "The Night Angel trilogy"

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986 ... character 14-25 - sandman sketches

been reading Neil Gaiman's sandman

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985 ... character 14-24 - the sandman

984 ... character 14-23 - garoth Ursuul

My interpretation of Garoth Ursuul, the god king from Brent week's "The Night Angel trilogy"

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This blog's intention is to track my personal evolution as a creative being. - I'm interested in designing the real and imaginary and am questing to hone my skills to do this as best as I can.

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