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979 ... tree 14-19 -mariofernandes

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975 ... COMP 14-13_CHOW_scifi mad hatter


In this new topic, you are going to explore the world of The Mad Hatter. Take the idea of who he is and do a redesign of him in a scifi setting. Of course, you do not need to place him in a world at all, but imagine how he would look, instead of what you initially think of when you read his name.

The Guidelines:

    Must be Human
    Must be Male
    Must have his trademark top hat, which you may also redesign to fit the scifi setting, but KEEP the playing card on his hat!
    Genre is Scifi



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974 ... speedpaints

Character Design Rush 07 - Elite sorceress

spitpaint 94 - roar

spitpaint 95 -  Fire hair

arquitectura 14-02

sspft 03 - The Gentle Guardian


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973 ... character 14-21 - kylar the night angel

Sketching wile hearing Brent Weeks' the night angel triology audiobook

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970 ... 3d texturing exercice

This tuturial is great to get you going with unrapping textures in 3ds max: [link]

textured building:

textured car:

textured lizard bust:

complete scene:

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965 ... COMP 14-14_COW_intellect devourer

COW #332 Intellect Devourer

Dungeons and Dragons has it's fair share of weird and wonderful beasties. Some are what you'd normally expect from a fantasy game, such as dragons, griffins, mermaid, etc; while others were just a hard hit to left field. One of those oddball creatures, which we will be focusing on for this topic, is the Intellect Devourer. The Intellect Devourer is basically a brain with legs, sometimes depicted with a canine-like body. As for what it does, it is a parasitic creature. Capable of changing it's size, it will take over it's host and consume the brain (hence it's name), then it will assume the form of it's victim, animating the body to do it's deeds. Your task is to design this brainy creature.

Round Requirements
-must have a resemblance to a brain
-typically a quadruped
-it eats BRAAIIINS!

Concept Description: this creature expands it's body segments to conform to the head of its host wile locking into place with small protrusions located along its body and legs. His mouth tendrils access the victims brain through the eyes, mouth, ears and nose to control and consume the host's brain.



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964 ... speedpaints

Character Design Rush 05 - Shadow warrior

Character Design Rush 06 - Iron colossus 

 spitpaint 91 - beast of the forest

spitpaint 92 - Ninja from the future 

spitpaint 93 - Long nails 

sspft 01 - Baby Godzilla 

sspft 02 - Cursed Sword 

youtube process album:

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963 ... COMP 14-10_CHOW_gunsmith merchant

The gunsmith merchant


Long ago the world fell apart from a catastrophe which nearly annihilated humanity. The world is now recovering but the damage is very severe. In this broken world, there are no more laws other than common morality among the survivors. Some live in peace, some live to cause chaos and some just want to make money. There is a gun smith who carries almost any kind of gun you would need, even make shift ones. If you want to protect your self, then he is the guy you would visit.

This is a post-apocalyptic world, so you will need to design him accordingly. However, it is not specified how the world ended, so that is up to you.

The Guidelines:

    Must be Human (if you do mutations, don't do anything that would make him/her unidentifiable as human.)
    Can be male or female.
    Must have injuries from the disaster, old or new.
    The genre is Post-Apocalyptic.



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960 ... master studies

Composition studies from masters paying attention to:


This blog's intention is to track my personal evolution as a creative being. - I'm interested in designing the real and imaginary and am questing to hone my skills to do this as best as I can.

Positive vibes